A Digital Memorial Park Of Google – Killed By Google

Killed by google is a digital burial place where you can find products, services, and devices deprecated by Google.

It’s free and open source platform where you find unheard products of Google. You can visit the URL of the service or product by Google and check what part of features are unavailable.


What information you get at Killed By Google?

The Title

Name of Google product or services is mentioned.

The Timeline

The year from which particular service launched to the year on which it ended.

The Description

Very small description about the product or service and why it was killed.

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Killed or to be killed

Killed By Google project contains both products/services which are already out of order and the one which are going to be killed.


With this you got to know what actions to take if any product or services you are using is going to buried out.

It contains 3 categories by this time. They are apps, services and hardware. You can search out for any product which you are using from a long time and check whether it’s still alive or not. This way you know if you will get support for that product or not.


Who’s behind #KilledByGoogle ?

The open source project is made by front-end developer named Cody Ogden. The intention behind this project is to serve tribute and memorial of beloved Google products.

The website has very simple and clean look which gives feel like a nostalgic trip down old memories lane. In context with starting date and expire date the columns of admired products like Orkut, Nexus series of mobile phones, and Google reader walks us through special moment with particular product, if we have used it.

Cody Ogden also has developed other projects for different industries like restaurant, style guides, jewellery shop, etc.


With the help of this project, we can even know what projects were set by Google for testing purpose in the market and then discontinued it.

You might wonder about some similar website, so here is “The Google Cemetery“.

Let us know in comment what was your favorite Google product and how did you found substitute for it, if any?

We at Sypaze will try to keep you updated with such amazing products and news. Stay tuned.


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