Top 20 Google Apps Script Example to Build Automated Dashboard

most useful google apps scripts example

In the world automation Google has always been step ahead almost in every terms especially technology. Google apps play an important role in our day-to-day life and to make it more efficient and less time consuming, Google Apps Script example with useful cases is presented here. Keep reading to have some cool insights about apps script.

What is Google Apps Script?

Google Apps Script is a scripting language for light-weight software development in the G Suite platform. It’s situated on JavaScript 1.6 with some parts of 1.7 and 1.Eight and supplies subset of ECMAScript 5 API, nonetheless as a substitute of jogging on the consumer, it will get completed in the Google Cloud. In keeping with Google, Apps Script “provides convenient methods to automate tasks throughout Google merchandise and third social gathering services.” Apps Script can also be the instrument that powers the add-ons for Google medical doctors, Sheets and Slides.

Google Drive offers some great platforms for storing and dealing with distinctive varieties of records however it does lack some facets that are critical on your work. Google Apps Scripts is an handy-to-use scripting language to get matters performed, which can be otherwise not to be had in force.

There are scripts that can let you learn/extract textual content from pix, convert records, auto-backup social snap shots or store G-mail attachments. Most scripts can help you automate these offerings as good.

The predominant objectives of Google Apps Script is to enable you to have programmatically entry to a few cool features and merge a number of “apps” into 1 macro.


Let’s assess out make use of Google Apps Scripts to fill the missing holes in Google drive and do many more things without third party tools.

Just quick start how to run Google apps script example from Google developer site and then you can move with below cases and examples.

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Google Apps Script Examples:

Generate YouTube Playlist

Create playlist in YouTube with the help Google apps script by using excel sheets. This script helps you to automate adding of videos related to your playlist.

Use case:

Students or learners on YouTube can create their specific playlist and automate the process of adding videos as per their needs whenever new video is uploaded for that category.

Add a URL straight to Google force

Uploads any character file (or a couple of files) from a specific URL to your force robotic-ally. Records are saved in a targeted folder within the power and it could comfortably upload multiple files from more than one links supplied it’s given separately.

Use Case:

For people who wish to preserve information from the web in Google drive. All it needs is the hyperlink of the web page you want. To make use of, replica code into the Script Editor and go to publish > install as web app…

Download Google+ Profiles to Google Sheets

Fetches publicly to be had Google+ profiles’ data to a Google Sheet. The fetched knowledge involves name, work info, profile snapshot and more. The only field it requires is the profile id of the person you desire to get data about and this works for more than one profiles.

Use Case:

That is totally useful for knowledge entry and social media analysts for information assortment.

Convert PDF Attachments to plain textual content

Converts all PDF attachments from Gmail to plain text structure for effortless sharing/storing that you would be able to specify the PDF’s normal language (for extracting the textual content) and save the output simple textual content documents along with the usual PDF records in Google pressure.

Use Case:

You commonly acquire PDFs through mails and need to retailer them in power in normal or plain textual content kind. It does the job in batches.

Host any website on Google Drive

Host any static website together with records like HTML, CSS, JS, snapshot, podcast, etc on Google drive. (power can’t be used to serve dynamic websites like these utilizing personal home page or Java back ends.)

Use Case:

This script is useful when you don’t want to purchase a website hosting plan or area on your website online. It’s totally gratis and Google’s servers are lots faster than many web hosting providers on this planet.

Download Instagram images to pressure

Downloads multiple Instagram pictures and shop them to your power mechanically. Download portraits utilizing certain tags or from any exact Instagram URL. Pictures are kept in a separate folder in power for easy preservation.

Use Case:

It’s worthy for Instagram enthusiasts, collectors and researchers who maintain information backups in pressure.

Convert a Google Doc to Markdown

Converts a Google Doc to the markdown (.Md) structure. It mails you the modified report along with photographs routinely. (note it’ll get into problems with knowledge utilizing tricky formatting.)

Use Case:

It’s valuable for bloggers and publishers who usually use the markdown structure for publishing on-line. Utilizing this, they may be able to hinder guide work of converting their content for each draft.

Set Auto-Expiry for Shared information

Sets an auto-expiry interval on the shared records and folders in power routinely gets rid of access to other users after the specified period (of auto-expiry).

Use Case:

This script is useful for permitting restricted entry to your power’s data and relieves you from worrying about forgetting to unshare data. This option is already available for Google Apps for Work users, but in case you’re free person, then it’s for you.

Save Gmail Attachments in power

Extracts and saves all Gmail attachments to a specific folder in your drive. Notify growth of fetched attachments, via e-mail however requires setting up notification preferences.

Use Case:

For those who opt for to store attachments into cloud storages like drive, then this is the script to get.

Search All records in Google drive

Searches your whole documents in the drive and shows the outcome in simple-to-digest type in a Google Sheet.
Supports doctors, sheets, shows and few other textual content formats.

Use Case:

Search through your documents and piles of knowledge quickly with this.

List Files and Folders in Google drive

Lists all documents and folders of a Google drive’s directory recursively. Write this information in effortless-to-see format in a spreadsheet.

Use Case:

Good for making feel of all the information to your pressure, and for file administration functions. Do notice that for this script to work, you must set the folder Id first in the code. A folder identification is the whole thing after the folder’s section of a folder’s deal with.

google sheets process to web app

Convert Google medical doctors to HTML

Converts Google doctors to HTML structure for easy sharing or utilizing in web sites or supply code editors. Supports quite a lot of common HTML tags or formatting choices but do recognize it doesn’t work very well for elaborate textual content formatting.

Use Case:

Necessary and normal for writers, bloggers and publishers looking for posts for HTML-equipped tools. Do keep in mind to set the important thing and FILE_ID variables within the code.

Merge data from multiple Sheets

Merges data from multiple sheets of a distinct spreadsheet into a single sheet within the current spreadsheet.

Use Case:

This script is valuable in situations in which you’ve received a couple of sheets of long-established knowledge (including customary headers and structure) and also you desire to combine them into one big sheet of information.

Export Google Sheets to CSV files

Exports sheets in the present spreadsheet as character CSV files in force.

Use Case:

It’s worthy for folks who frequently use Sheets for managing and storing data and require knowledge in CSV format for sharing or use in other apps. Without this, Google Sheets handiest convert and down load one sheet at a time.

After copying code into the Script Editor, re-open that spreadsheet and assess the Add-ons menu.

Convert a Google Sheet to PDF bill

Converts any certain sheet to a PDF bill and keep to your drive.

Use Case:

Excellent for customers who frequently use the Google Apps ecosystem as their work tool and have got to maintain product invoices and such.

Convert and e mail Google Sheets

Converts Google Sheets to PDF and mails them utilizing your Gmail account means that you can convert and ship just one sheet utilizing its sheet identity. Ship the PDF to multiple persons by means of including their addresses, separated through commas.

Use Case:

It’s precious in situations like while you want to send marketing information to a third social gathering however don’t wish to share the whole spreadsheet. You need to use this script to ship a PDF version. This fashion required knowledge is shared with out compromising your whole spreadsheet’s info.

Convert images to textual content utilizing OCR

Converts images to text files utilizing the OCR science; saves them in your force.

Use Case:

This script proves beneficial in circumstances when you ought to edit textual content in images or do study on a big quantity of pix. It makes the converted photographs editable and searchable. It saves your time and efforts and gives trustworthy text output as it makes use of the Google’s native OCR science.

Track File Editors in Google power

Finds out which consumer made changes to your Google pressure’s native documents. Shows the dates and occasions when the file was once modified together with the name and e-mail deal with of customers who made the alterations to your shared documents/files.

Use Case:

This script is valuable for monitoring the changes made to your drive, including Sheets, records, displays and different Google drive formats.

Save a Webpage to Google drive

Saves or backs up webpage on any URL to Google force. Fetches the online web page and saves the identical as HTML file (by using default) or your configured extension. Continues a exceptional folder constitution for storing multiple websites or their copies.

Use Case:

This script is most necessary for researchers, scholars, bloggers and such who have to study tons of internet sites and could need to save them for future reference. Do take into account to vary the resource URL in the snippet to the hyperlink you want to download.

Ship a Google Doc by way of e-mail

Sends a Google Doc through email to someone and places the doc’s content material as the email’s physique (as an alternative than an attachment). Converts the doc to HTML and sends the equal via e-mail

Use Case:

If you want to send anything not as an attachment however as a part of the email, that is the that gets the job carried out. Do note you have got to change document Id, recipient, discipline to their genuine values within the 4th line.

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I’ll elongate this list of Google Apps Script as and when I will find new scripts and its use cases.

Do you know any other Google Apps Scripts that can be useful to technology society? Let us know in comment and we will feature you out!

Keep innovating. Keep Sharing.

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