Google ATAP – Project Soli About To Empower AR Technology

Project Soli is one of the trending projects of Google ATAP (Advanced Technology And Project Group) headed by Ivan Poupyrev. Soli was officially announced at Google I/O  2015.

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Project Soli is new technology which is empowering and leveraging the AR(Augmented Reality) technology to enhance the human interaction with computers. Technically, Soli is the millimeter-wave radar that detects micromotion of the human hand and allows to perform the action. A millimeter-wave radar transmits electromagnetic waves of wavelength 1mm to 10mm that are longer than infrared rays and x-rays but, smaller in comparison radiowaves and microwaves.

Your hands are the only interface you’ll need – Project Soli

What is the vision of Project Soli?


project soli chip

The vision of the team of project Soli is to see a future in which the human hand turns into a common input gadget for interacting with science.

  • Soli is an in-built interaction sensor that makes use of radar for movement tracking of the human hand.
  • The sensor tracks sub-millimeter movement at excessive speeds with the best accuracy.
  • It works with a simple, universal set of ubiquitous gestures interplay language that enable folks to control devices.
  • The Soli chip contains the entire sensor and antenna array into an extremely-compact 8mm x 10mm bundle.

Insanely powerful gesture technology making AR a reality

Project Soli is a wearable, but it’s not the wearable you might think it is. It’s not a hand watch; it’s YOU!

Google ATAP knows your hand is the best method you have for interaction with devices, but not everything is a device. Project Soli wants to make your hands and fingers the only user interface you’ll ever need.

To make that happen, powerful gesture detector Soli chip is small enough to fit into a wearable like a smartwatch. The small radar picks up on your movements in real-time, and uses movements you make to alter its signal.

Unimaginary applications with advanced IoT technology

For the first time ever, a product for end users have been presented that can be precisely operated – by hand movements alone. Gestural control is the key technology needed to accomplish a real breakthrough in augmented reality.



project soli radar detection process

The interface of the soli chip is designed and engraved in such a way that it can be embedded in wearables, phones, computers, automobiles and IoT devices in our atmosphere.

See what AR developers have built with Soli alpha kit – Developer’s projects

Soli has no relocating materials, it fits onto a chip and consumes little power. It’s not plagued by gentle conditions and it really works by means of most substances. Just think the possibilities with this small chip and how human league can achieve most out of technology making lifestyle easier everyday.

project soli board

Virtual reality is not new. Techno geeks have implemented VR(Virtual Reality) and AR(Augmented Reality) in their projects and have facilitated human life into new heights.  Let us know in comments below if you have built something similar using virtual technology. If you are a technology savy, you can always share your knowledge by contacting us.

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